Help us plan for the future of Magnolia

Welcome to the Magnolia Bridge Planning Study (MBPS) online open house. We understand the community concerns around the need to maintain sufficient access and mobility, which is why we are committed to proactively identifying and delivering the most efficient, cost effective solution in a timely manner. Later this year, once a lower-cost alternative is recommended from the planning study, it will be presented to decision-makers alongside the cost and traffic impacts of the in-kind replacement selected through the 2002-2008 Magnolia Bridge Study. By participating in this open house and completing the surveys you will have the opportunity to:

  • Help us rank the lower-cost alternatives and tell us which components are most important to you
  • Gain insights into the alternatives identified
    • How much would these alternatives cost?
    • How do the traffic impacts of these alternatives compare?
  • Learn about a few bridge basics including:
    • Original Bridge Funding & Construction
    • Past Events & Maintenance
    • Current Plan should another unexpected event cause a bridge closure
  • Learn more about why this planning study is happening now and how it builds off past planning efforts
  • Hear about the next steps for the project and ways to stay informed

How to use this online open house

  • Visit pages in the tabs at the top of the site
  • Click the or select any tab at the top of the site to move between the pages.
  • Participating in the surveys on the “Welcome”, “Where We Are Now”, and “What’s Next” pages should take about 5-10 minutes.
    • The Magnolia Bridge is a complex structure with a lot of history. We highly encourage you to visit all of the pages and information provided on this site.
  • Keep track of your notes and questions at the bottom of the page and submit them at the “What’s Next” station.

Photo Courtesy of Port of Seattle. Click to enlarge